Support & Your Questions Answered

Our platform is simple, and easy to use. but we've answered some of your important questions.

Tailpiece is a user moderated microblogging service that allows users find self-expression and connect with friends and family through short, frequent and multimedia-enabled messages.
At the moment you can reserve your unique username by going to and we will contact you once we are ready to launch
Membership will always remain free.
Tailpiece as a service and platform remains the intellectual property of our shareholders and all rights are reserved. However, users own their content and are free to do anything they want with their content.
A tailpiece account is meant to be unique to each user, as such users will not be able to transfer or sell their accounts. We want a community built around people expressing their truest self and not just monetary values.
Users will be able to open both individual and corporate accounts.
For us at Tailpiece, freedom of speech is the bedrock of any sane society and the driving force behind our platform. Unlike the echo chambers most other social media platforms have become, we believe in listening to opposing views before arriving at conclusions. This is why we have developed an algorithm that allows free speech while allowing users to democratically moderate the types of content they consume on the platform.
We encourage you to add a tailpiece about everything and anything. Let your mind roam free.
We believe in moderation, not censorship. We believe the right to free speech is self-evident and should not be constrained by social media platforms except for the gravest reasons. This is why we are empowering the users to decide who and what they listen to.
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We will only collect data necessary for users to effectively use our platform. For instance, we will collect information such as name, date of birth and telephone number because it allows us to verify the identity of our users while making sure they are not underaged (under 16). We do not track phones or phone calls and we do not track user locations.
Your data will be used strictly to facilitate the provision of our service and nothing more. Our entire philosophy rests on free and unimpeded speech. By design, we will work very hard to ensure any and all data collected is absolutely needed for the provision of our service.
Yes. users will be able to temporarily deactivate their account and reactivate whenever they please.
Yes. Users will be allowed to delete their account and all data associated with it will be lost forever.
Yes. Users will be able to download all data linked to their account as long as their account has not been deleted.
User data will remain active on our platform until the user decides to delete their account.
We will never share your data with third party organisations without your permission except required by law.
We will never share your data with third party organisations without your permission except required by law.
We will only share data if required by law.